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I hereby agree that my decision to learn Primordial Sound Meditation from Doug Arbulu/  MyJiva is a personal decision that I undertake voluntarily. I have not been made any promises or warranties as to the efficacy of meditation or as to any particular result. I accept and understand that results differ per each individual.


I understand that the meditation instruction I receive and subsequent meditation practice is not a substitute for treatment or services provided by professional health care providers physically, mentally or otherwise.


I further understand that any instruction given to me during the course is for me personally and may not be appropriate for others.


In consideration for attending the meditation course, I hereby agree to hold Doug Arbulu and MyJiva, harmless and not liable for any claims brought by me, or on my behalf, with regard to information, programs, events, videos, courses or seminars provided.


Use of the MyJiva website and attendance at any MyJiva course or event constitutes my acceptance of this agreement.

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