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MyJiva offers resources to help you find your way, including ancient wisdom teachings, spiritual guidance, meditation courses and seminars.

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What is "Jiva?" Jiva in Sanskrit means the Immortal Essence or soul of a living organism.

The intent of MyJiva is to help you reconnect with your true essence and live your life from a level of spirit rather than from form.  One of the best ways to do so is through the practice of meditation.  Meditation helps us go beyond the roles we play, the labels we've given ourselves and the stories we've identified with.  Meditation takes us into the silence within--into a field of pure love, compassion, peace, joy and infinite potential.  This is your Jiva.

MyJiva offers resources to help you find your way, including articles, videos, guided meditations and meditation classes and retreats.


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10 Frequently Asked Questions about Primordial Sound Meditation

1. What is Primordial Sound Meditation? Primordial Sound Meditation is a mantra-based meditation technique that allows us to take our awareness from the active level of the mind to quieter levels of the thinking process until eventually we slip beyond thought altogether to the level of pure silence, pure awareness. When we come out of meditation, we bring some of the qualities of that silence (love, joy, compassion, peace, creativity) into our everyday lives. 2. What will I experience when I meditate? There are a variety of experiences that you can have when you meditate. You may fall asleep. You may have lots of thoughts and feel restless or you may slip beyond thoughts to a level of pea

A Brief Overview of Vedanta

Vedanta is the awakening from unreal to Real, from ignorance to bliss. It teaches that anything we can experience with our senses only exists in our mind, which also doesn’t exist. And yet, in realizing that nothingness, Vedanta opens the door to a freedom beyond anything we can imagine. Vedanta is our journey home. Somewhere, hidden deep within us is the little spark of memory of our true Self. When we start our spiritual journey, Vedanta is the breath of wisdom that fans that spark, eventually bursting it into flame, to become the fire that consumes our ignorance and opens our inner eye to the joy of Enlightenment. In mythological times, Brahma the Creator saw the ignorance and confusion o

Yes, even a Chopra can find herself out of balance - Confessions from a Spiritual Teacher's Daug

Living with Intent: 6 Steps to Living a Healthier, More Joyful & Purposeful Life About two years ago, I approached my father (Deepak Chopra) with a confession. I told him I was generally exhausted, over caffeinated and my sugar addiction was out of control. I realized I was overscheduled trying to balance my role as a wife, mom, and entrepreneur with, my start-up social media company. I felt bloated and had a lot of body pain. I hadn’t been meditating or exercising much, and at night I was having trouble sleeping. My father looked shell shocked, and it took a few moments for him to transition from concerned father to Deepak Chopra, the person that thousands go to for health ad


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